Tambora Linear 100

A versatile new hybrid LED bar allowing you to paint stunning space age pixel art effects.

Following on from its successful range of LED bars introduced last year, Claypaky has now expanded the Tambora family further and introduces TAMBORA LINEAR 100, an advanced line of static LED Pixel mapping bars designed for versatile lighting effects and artistic set decoration.

These are hybrid bars, which incorporate two complementary effects into one fixture.  The first is driven by a system of 400 RGB pixel LEDs, which offer a background light very similar to that of a high definition LED wall in appearance. This LED array can be controlled as 16 LEDs in 25 groups to provide high quality motion graphics.

The second effect is created by a central line of 200 extremely powerful white LEDs for an overwhelming strobe effect, capable of reproducing the behavior of the most celebrated strobe fixtures on the market. This effect can also be controlled through 25 different areas, offering unparalleled versatility.

All graphic content can be managed through the Advanced Layers Management, an exclusive feature of Claypaky LED bars, with which you can choose to use different levels of effects simultaneously, giving free expression to your creativity.

Tambora Linear 100 features a large number of build-in effects, so it can be used not only in advanced mode but also in a simple mode for whenever a media server is not available, or the installation requires a speedy solution.

The Tambora Linear 100 can be easily connected mechanically with multiple units and then operated as one complete fixture from the control software. This is extremely easy and user friendly to use. For greater compositional modularity we also offer TAMBORA LINEAR 60, a compact model particularly suitable for applications in narrow environments.

Claypaky also offers a wide range of easy-to-apply accessory filters. These can shape the beam of light with a frost effect or increase the readability of the pixels with the “neutral density” filter, which is particularly useful for television applications and really enhances the on-camera performance.

Tambora Linear 100 is both sleek and lightweight and has been designed with a slim body, in order to better adapt to many applications. from TV studios to touring, where the need for pixel mapping light sets is increasingly in demand and appreciated. The "hybrid" nature of Tambora is perfect for this need and provides a two in one versatility.  This is a truly distinctive product within each lighting set, at a truly competitive price.

Weitere Infos zum Tambora Linear 100

Besondere Eigenschaften:
• Static Hybrid Linear bar: graphical strobe and background colors
• Tambora Linear 100 light source: RGB LEDs and one line of white strobe
   - 400pcs 3-in-1 RGB LEDs, 4X4pcs in each area, 25 areas in total
   - 200pcs white LEDs, 8pcs/area, 25 areas in total
• Advanced Layer Management (Color – Internal Shape – Pixel Mapping)
• 120° Aperture
• Electronic linear dimmer, 24 bit and 5 curves
• Electronic strobe @25 f/sec
• Control signal: USITT DMX 512
• Protocols: RDM, WebServer, Art-Net, sACN
• White CT emulation 2500-8000K
• Enhanced electronic engine for dynamic beam pattern design, with digital accuracy and repeatability
• Basic engine: 9/13/31/33/39 channels
• Pixel engine: 75 channels
• White strobe: 25 channels
• 4 Operating modes: Constant – Auto – Silent – Theatre
• Input Power: 700 VA@230Vac 50Hz
• CloudIO Ready: fully compatible with CloudIO
• Dimensions: 1 mt length (Tambora Linear 100) and 60cm length (Tambora Linear 60)
• Weight: 5.7 kg (10.4 lbs)
• Optional accessories: - Frost filter 20° or 30°, with no impact on the strobe effect - Neutral density filter (black filter) for television applications (-30% brightness) - Floor mounting with possibility of quick clamp coupling and slot for omega B positioning - Omega B to facilitate hanging
• Accessories supplied: - Carrying handle - Omega bracket - Powercon true1


PowerCon Kabel ohne Netzstecker


A2012361 - Frostfilter 20° für Tambora Linear 100

A2012362 - Frostfilter 30° für Tambora Linear 100

A2012360 - Graufilter (ND-Filter) für Tambora Linear 100

A2012359 - Fuss für Bodenmontage für Tambora Linear 100

A2012363 - Omega B Bracket für Tambora Linear 100