Hepikos is an innovative Claypaky beam-wash light, which encloses all the most advanced optical, mechanical and electronic technology, in its highly compact body. The light is built around a bright 440W Osram lamp, and features a 5-40° zoom which provides a bright wash effect even at maximum beam angle.
The color production system is baned on a CMY color mixing consisting of three wheels entirely devoted to producing single colors, as well as two color wheels, each with 8 filters carefully selected by Claypaky's R&D department. Thanks to its 185 mm diameter plano-convex front lens and its narrow 5° beam angle, it can produce a sharp, full-bodied beam, which may be used for striking aerial effects with saturated colors.
Some devices have been specially designed for this product: a mechanical iris, which is able to alter the beam diameter in beam mode as desired to create columns of light of different sizes, right down to a pencil beam; A four-faced interchangeable rotating prism which modulates the visual effects by breaking the light up into several dynamic projections; A soft-edge frost filter which makes the edge of the projected light less sharp and produces the wash effect typical of a washlight with Fresnel lens.
Hepikos is ultimately a hybrid light, where both the "beam" and the "wash" functions are optimized, rather than one weakening the other. It is perfect for complementing the beam/spot effects produced by the Mythos, with which it shares the same chassis and the same lamp.
You will love the Hepikos for its great performance, versatile optical unit, abundance of colors, compact size and low operating power consumption in comparison to competing products with similar characteristics. It is a must-have unit for rental companies which already stock and appreciate the Mythos and Mythos 2!

Weitere Infos zum Hepikos

Besondere Eigenschaften:
• 440W OSRAM discharge lamp
• Optical Unit with extremely luminous efficiency
• Large 185mm diameter PC lens
• 5°-40° electronic zoom
• Beam-Wash hybrid projector
• Perfect complement for the Mythos | Mythos 2 (same sizes and same lamp)
• Very Precise 0-100% dimmer
• CMY color Mixing + 2 wheels with 8 colors each
• Two CTO filters (3200K and 2500 K), Half Minus Green and special colors
• Interchangeable 4-facet rotating prism
• Soft-edge frost
• High Precision 16-blade iris
• 0-100% dimmer and stop-strobe effect
• Rapid and extensive pan and tilt movements
• Very compact and Energy saving projector
• High performance electronics and firmware
• Art-Net/RDM



2x Omega-Clamps


PowerCon Kabel ohne Netzstecker


CLF21285/001 - Foam Shell für Supersharpy / Mythos / Hepikos

CLF21290 - Flightcase (+2 Foam Shells) für 2 Supersharpy / Mythos / Hepikos