Your trustworthy automated followspot!

The Buddylight is Claypaky's brand new remote followspot system. It follows performers and speakers automatically, in a quick and easy way.

The Buddylight can be used either in an Art-Net or DMX network - by setting up control priority management with the console - or in standalone mode, where it really comes into its element!

Setting it up has been designed to be quick and user-friendly for all types of user thanks to a simplified, flexible installation.

The maximum tracking area can extend up to 15x15 m (16.4x16.4 yards). Anchors should be placed to mark out the space within which the performer can move.

The tags, which the performer has to wear so that they can be followed by the followspot, are designed so they can quickly access the main functions of the spotlight and its automated control.

The Buddylight marks a further step towards ever greater entertainment light automation. It is perfect for theatres, auditoriums and conference rooms. The Buddylight is a new, practical, user-friendly Claypaky system suitable for all budgets. A true buddy who will accompany your performance!

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CA1010 - Box

CA1011 - Tag

CA1012 - Holder


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