The CloudIO is an IoT device which provides technicians with complete diagnostics for Claypaky fixtures. When the lights run checks after use, the unit collects data on hours of lamp life of each fixture, the conditions of various components in the units and update firmware, simply by connecting to the cloud.
The CloudIO is a compact device, equipped with a 7-inch capacitive touch screen. It has two in/out pass-through DMX connections, so it is possible to interface and communicate directly with up to 31 lights in series. This is particularly useful for rental companies, who can connect their lights to the CloudIO when they return from a tour. The CloudIO is equipped with a retrofit system, which allows it to be fitted to most of Claypaky lights.

The CloudIO has the following useful features for rental companies:
- Automatic Overview and FW Update: Automatic overview of all info. Oneclick firmware update.
- Live Remote Assistance: the customer care operator can see all the information and setup data of the fixture that needs service support remotely in real time
- Cloud Data and Predictive Maintenance: all data are stored in the cloud so they are always available. Predictive maintenance based on data analysis
- Retrofit Solution: The CloudIO works with most Claypaky fixtures

Room for features, tutorials and more informations:

Weitere Infos zum CloudIO

Besondere Eigenschaften:
• Display lcd 7 inch + capacitive touch screen
• Internal power supply
• Digital switch / activation
• 2 Dmx in/out pass-through capability
• ​​​​​​​#4 Encoder
• #3 Usb
• 2 External antenna
• 2 Ethernet (artnet/tcpip)