Drive Hub

GDS driver solutions are a growing range of products designed to meet the demands of simple low voltage wiring to luminaires from one central location. Engineered for low maintenance and fail-proof performance, the drive ranges are designed for reliable and practical use.


Drive Hub is a high capacity driver system, created to serve widely distributed LED fixtures from a central location. Flexibility is the key factor; Drive Hub is modular from start to finish.

Drive Cards

Each Drive Hub frame can accommodate up to twelve driver cards, which can be any mixture of constant current and constant voltage types.

Break Out Boxes (BOBs)

Break Out Boxes are useful sub-components of the Drive Hub system that help distribute the multiple channels from each Constant Current driver card to the correct LED fixtures. There are two BOB options, Baby BOB and Big BOB.

Baby BOB allows daisy-chaining of fixtures which are spaced reasonably far apart from each other (as well as from the Drive Hub).

Big BOB is built to supply fixtures which are located quite far from the Drive Hub but positioned quite closely to each other (star topology).

Power Frame

The Power Frame is a dedicated very high efficiency rectifier system, providing stable low voltage, high current feeds to multiple Drive Hub units.

Data connections and reporting

Located on the rear panel of every Drive Hub is the modular processor card. This is where multiple units are linked to allow control signals and status monitoring data to be shared throughout the installation.

Besondere Eigenschaften:
• Drive Hub is a versatile multichannel LED driver system
• Designed to be located centrally with multiple feeds to remote fixtures
• Drive Hub is fully modular from start to finish
• Each Drive Hub chassis is populated with output driver cards to suits your range of fixtures
• Constant current and constant voltage LED fixtures supported
• Power Frame provides high capacity DC outputs to multiple Drive Hubs
• Active status monitoring and reporting available across the whole system
• Standard 19" 2U rack-mount format for Drive Hub and Power Frame 8kW (Power Frame 24kW is 7U)
• DMX control with support for RDM