3 Fader Outstation

The Prodigy 3 Fader Outstation is part of the Prodigy Series, a compact lighting control system that is simple to connect and intuitive to configure. It’s also easy to use: All day. Every day.

Prodigy is a multi-protocol lighting controller that seamlessly combines DMX/ RDM, DALI and Art-Net devices, all within a single interface. The 3 Fader Outstation delivers intuitive lighting control across multiple outstation locations and installation environments.

Besondere Eigenschaften:
• 3 fader control
• Control light levels and recall saved scenes
• Simple cable link, no extra power required. Can be powered externally for hard-to-reach areas with limited cable infrastructure
• Easy install via RJ45 connectors
• AUX Input for additional scene recall. Also available in 8 button and Combi outstation options

Typical Applications:
• Theatre and Auditoriums / Conference Centres / Lecture Halls / Places of Worship / Museums and Art Galleries / Bar and Restaurant


Die Prodigy Outstations gibt es in folgenden Bestelloptionen:


  • Combi (4 Button und 1 Fader)
  • 3 Fader
  • 8 Button


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