Volero Cube

Imagine a compact IP66 fixture seamlessly merging beam, wash, and strobe effects. Imagine configuring it to create stunning and dynamic lighting elements, either as single units or in multiples for complex arrangements. Impossible? Not with Volero Cube!

This brand new, multi-function, multieffect moving head is a real “4-in-1 fusion fixture” boasting 4 powerful 60W RGBW LEDs and plus-shaped cool white LED strips for strobe that can be pixel-to-pixel controlled allowing for blending different levels of effects and unleashing your creativity like never before. And it doesn’t stop there - multiple single units can be easily and seamlessly  connected to cater to any creative geometric solutions you require. Volero Cube is a fixture like no other in Claypaky’s portfolio, the first one of a new series of compact, powerful, and versatile moving heads.

Volero Cube is equipped with 4 RGBW LED modules (2x2) generating powerful beams and rich color mixing. Each LED features 80x80mm square lenses, optimizing luminous efficiency and resolution. The fixture’s head includes powerful cool white LED strips for strobe effects, offering new creative opportunities. Despite its small size, Volero Cube packs a punch with powerful LEDs for both beam and strobe sections, ensuring brightness for your needs. Volero Cube features a wide zoom range from 4° to 55°, offering solid concentrated beams for aerial effects and broad coverage for ambient lighting.

Pixel mapping and advanced layers management
Volero Cube features pixel mapping and Advanced Layers Management for versatile control of LED pixels. This allows for dynamic lighting effects and easy layer switching. Pixel-topixel control is available for both the RGBW LED modules and the white LEDs, enabling dynamic strobe effects and smooth transitions. Volero Cube supports various DMX control modes for flexible operation.

Infinite pan rotation
Despite its compact size, Volero Cube delivers a punch with remarkable output and beam capabilities, featuring infinite pan rotation for broad light coverage, making it ideal for venues with limited space.

Endless creativity
Get ready to unleash your creativity because Volero Cube is your ultimate playmate. With Volero Cube, you can dive into creating intricate matrix effects that add depth and texture to your lighting designs. Combine multiple fixtures in a matrix setup and watch as visually stunning patterns and graphical effects enhance the overall appeal of your event. 
But wait, there’s more! Say hello to multi-modular aesthetics: the yoke is built right into the head, allowing you to seamlessly connect and align two or more fixtures without any additional accessories needed (thanks to the selflocking mechanical system). And guess what? The proprietary firmware lets you disable PAN movements when the fixtures are aligned, leaving only the TILT to create an effect similar to the Volero Wave, but even more powerful. The synchronized movement produces a stunning graphical effect, the more overwhelming the more fixtures are connected to each other. You can build your desired fixture, assembling as many fixtures as you desire. 
But wait, there’s more! You can also align and connect each fixture using a proper alignment system with hidden spacers inside the handles. This configuration allows enough room for PAN to rotate freely, giving you endless possibilities for your lighting setup.

Ideal for every setting
Volero Cube seamlessly integrates into various lighting applications, enhancing live performances like stage concerts, theater productions, theme parks, or dance shows. Its dynamic effects elevate the atmosphere and visual impact indoors or outdoors. So, if you are looking for a do-it-all solution, that can handle a variety of tasks without breaking the bank, Volero Cube is the ultimate toolkit for you. It’s a reliable and feature-packed unit that empowers you to create stunning visuals and build unforgettable lighting experiences.

Weitere Infos zum Volero Wave

Besondere Eigenschaften:
• Light source: 4x60W RGBW LEDs and 4 lines of cold white strobe LEDs splitted into 8 areas
• Compact and lightweight design
• White CT emulation 8000K to 2500K
• 4 square lenses (80x80mm)
• Motorized zoom: 4° to 55°
• Infinite Pan
• Control protocols: DMX, Art-Net, RDM, sACN
• Connection: Locking 5 Pin XLR IN/OUT
• Connection: PowerCon True1 IN/OUT
• Input power: 450W
• CloudIO Ready: fully compatible with CloudIO
• Weight: 16kg
• Size: 233x282x420 mm (LxWxH)


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