Mini Xtylos HPE

Ever since the introduction of the XTYLOS fixture, Claypaky has been focused on developing new, pioneering technologies that offer new ways to motivate designers to reach further to inspire audiences. New MINI XTYLOS HPE opens opportunities to bring this unique technology where smaller, energy efficient, yet powerful fixtures are required for small and large venues and events.

MINI XTYLOS HPE (CJ3002) is a small form factor fixture with Claypaky’s innovative and proprietary RGB laser source, lasting 20,000 hours, that produces saturated, deep colors without any visible hotspots with its exclusive TURBO COLOR system.

The fixture offers linear virtual CTO, one effect wheel with two rotating and interchangeable prisms and one interchangeable frost filter, a 24-bit digital dimmer, a fast digital stop/strobe and have an aperture range of 1° to 4° to produce their incredible beam effects.

In addition to the typical features of the XTYLOS family, the MINI XTYLOS HPE delivers some new and exciting features: The unit offers endless pan rotation in both directions, that can be controlled at various speeds.

MINI XTYLOS HPE is very compact, operates on 100 to 240VAC and only consumes 90VA of power at 230VAC. The unit weighs just a mere 9 kilograms (20 pounds).

For the beam applications, the MINI XTYLOS HPE is the best option thanks to its high intensity which cannot be achieved by any other LED based beam fixtures. With only 20W laser engine power consumption, the MINI XTYLOS HPE delivers 2.5Mcd with 1° beam aperture.

The XTYLOS laser light source is currently the only technology that allows us to make such a small and compact beam fixture.

In the United States, the variance issued by FDA CDRH is required for the use of the MINI XTYLOS HPE (the same variance as for the Xtylos). The MINI XTYLOS is also available in a adjusted output version (CJ3003 ) which is fully homologated and does not require any FDA CDRH variance for the use in the United States

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Besondere Eigenschaften:
• Light source: tailor-made RGB laser engine, enclosed in a sealed module
• Long lasting light source (20,000 hours) with minimal decay
• Laser-based system with derating to preserve laser diodes
• Total output: MINI XTYLOS HPE: 2.5Mcd with 1° beam aperture ; MINI XTYLOS: 1.5Mcd with 1° beam aperture
• MINI XTYLOS HPE (CJ3002) can be operated also in the adjusted output version to emulate the MINI XTYLOS (CJ3003) behavior
• Solid, flat field, saturated, ultraconcentrated light beam without any visible hotspots
• Exclusive mid-air graphic effects (BLazer effects)
• Aperture: 1°-4° range
• RGB additive color mixing, with exclusive TURBO COLORS
• Linear virtual CTO 2500K – 6500K
• Unequalled color consistency both across different fixtures and during lifetime
• One wheel with 2 rotating prisms (Pyramid 16 facets, Linear 6 facet) and 1 frost filter
• Unmatched effect and color change speed
• Motorized focusing to zoom in the prism and the frost
• Ultra-precise 24-bit digital dimmer
• High speed, digital stop-strobe effect
• Extremely compact housing
• DMX Channels: 27 control channels
• Control protocols: DMX, Art-Net, RDM, sACN
• Built-in Web Server
• DMX and RDM connectors: locking 5 pin XLR IN/OUT
• Ethernet port: RJ45 IN
• Power connector: PowerCon True1 IN/OUT
• CloudIO Ready: fully compatible with CloudIO
• Laser engine power consumption: MINI XTYLOS HPE (CJ3002) – 20W, MINI XTYLOS (CJ3003) – 12W
• Mains out: 100-240V, 50/60Hz. Max Power consumption: 90VA
• Weight: 9 kg (20 lbs)
• Size (LxWxH): 170 x 244 x 415 mm (6.7 x 9.6 x 16.3 in)​​​​​​

RISK GROUP 3 - Warnung: von diesem Produkt geht möglicherweise eine gefährliche optische Strahlung aus. Schauen Sie nicht unmittelbar in die eingeschaltete Lampe, hieraus könnten Augenverletzungen resultieren. EN/IEC 62471 - Gefahrenabstand: siehe Handbuch
CLASS 1 laser product: EN/IEC 60825-1 2014



Mini Xtylos HPE

Mini Xtylos


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